Nice to meet you!

So as it come close to the second month of Common Collective being open, we thought it was about time we introduce you to the faces behind the space give you an insight as to what Common Collective is REALLY about. We are Joel & Shawnee; the founders of Common Co. Nice to meet you!
Joel is a freelance Graphic Designer and Shawnee is a qualified Pilates instructor and previously the Business Manager of a residential construction company.
Up until February this year, we were living in Noosa where Joel was working out of J2 (for those of you who don’t know, J2 is an epic co working space in Noosa Junction). When we made the decision to move back Maroochydore there were two choices; find a new Co Working space or find a house that had the potential for Joel to work from home. We found a house with its own separate studio in the backyard and the decision was made for us. This would be great! We’d save money not having to pay for a desk at a Co Working spot and all of the perks that go with it (less money on fuel and lunches and the zero commute time!)
After a few months Joel started to realise that working from home, by yourself all day long, was incredibly isolating and quite a challenge to stay motivated. There was no one to talk to and bounce ideas off, no one to easily collaborate on projects with and no community to rally and keep you motivated! In June, Shawnee left her job at the building company to pursue a different career path and started working from the studio too. We almost immediately realised that the work/life balance was incredibly off and we needed to get out of the home studio.
Now, don’t get us wrong; there are great co working spaces in Maroochydore but after doing some research we realised 3 things:
– Most were a very corporate environment (we want to be able to pump tunes and possibly ride our skate board in the office)
– Most were out of our price range
and most importantly
– We couldnt find anywhere that really seemed to be a hub for the creative collaboration and community vibe that we so desperately craved.
From here we didn’t really know where to go. We didn’t want to keep working from home, but we didn’t have another option that suited our needs (and were definitely weren’t into the idea of ‘cafe hopping’). One Sunday night, after maybe a few too many red wines, we started talking about what we really wanted out of a work environment. The pen and paper came out, our imaginations went wild and after a whirlwind of ideas we decided to throw caution to the wind and open our own Co Working space.
After that, things moved pretty quickly. We had a vision in our head of what the space should look like and were relentless in the pursuit to find the perfect place to bring that vision to life. We were lucky enough to find and EPIC industrial ware house that had been empty for two years. This is the physical space that you see today; Common Collective. After approximately 2048 Bunnings runs, countless late nights, 7 Ikea runs and 6 weeks of hard labour we turned an empty warehouse into Common Collective; a space for the creative community to get the hell out of the house and meet like minded people. A space that encourages connection, creativity and collaboration between all people from all walks of life. A space where the tunes are pumping, banter is encouraged and the coffee flows freely. Oh, and a space where we could bring our fur child everyday without being frowned upon.
Our dream and our vision for Common Collective is a place where you want to come and work, rather than just shuffling from your bedroom into the study with a sigh and complete lack of excitement. We want you to come into Common Collective bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to hustle hard and create epic things with the other creative individuals on the Sunshine Coast. Our ultimate goal is to have Common Collective known as the hub of creative industries on the Sunshine Coast; to build a community of like minded individuals and where young creatives can work, learn and be inspired.
If you’re sick of the loneliness and downfalls of working from home, cafe hopping, being uninspired and wanting to maybe even just throw in the towel; come and work with us and the other Legends who now call Common Collective home.