Why working from home is losing you money:

In our modern society the face of business is changing and the amount of freelancers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs is on the rise. When deciding to go out on your own in the solo world of business, a lot of us think that working from home is the best option to keep overheads low and save some money.

While this is true for some people, a lot of us don’t even realize that working from home is actually losing our business money. The truth is, that unless you are a SUPER motivated self-starter, your general human actions are taking money away from all of your hard work. How do I know? I’ve been there.

Earlier this year I quit my 9-5 to start my own business. The excitement was there, the drive was there and the passion was there. We had our own studio in the backyard that I could work from so I didn’t even have the distractions of home life… or so I thought.

Think about it; you wake up and you go a bit slower because you don’t have a boss to yell at you if you’re late. So you spend that extra 15 minutes pottering around not really doing anything.

During the day the dog is sitting at the door looking at you with those big, brown eyes just begging you to play. You feel guilty so you go and throw the ball. There’s another 15 minutes gone.

12pm = lunchtime. Instead of your standard half an hour, you have time to actually make yourself a meal. To cook and eat your meal might take you another hour. But then you’ve got to clean up that mess. Lunch turns into an hour and a half.

As you’re walking back to your desk, you notice that washing you put on last night is still in the machine. To avoid that dreaded re-wash, you go and hang it out. Yup, another half an hour gone.

Lets stop and reflect. Already in the day there is already close to 2.5hrs in wasted time just from home life distractions. Put that into dollar figures:

2.5hrs x $40/phr = $100 in lost time

Add that up for every day of the working week and you’ve lost possibly $500!

That’s a huge hit for a start up to take and most of us don’t even know that we’re doing it!

The truth is humans are social creatures and we work better in a driven environment. That’s where the beauty of Coworking comes in to play. You are surrounded in a motivating environment with like-minded people going through the same things you are.

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