about us

Common Collective is the Coworking Space on the Sunshine Coast for creatives to connect and collaborate, all in a casual, productive and engaging environment.

Not just another ‘co working space’, Common Collective is designed around creating a culture of change; a collaborative environment for you to thrive in while at the same time, grow your business. At Common Collective, we understand the struggles of working from home, cafe-hopping and being your own boss. We know that it can be challenging on your own and life tends to get in the way, stopping your creative flow and putting a holt on the income stream. We’ve been there; we feel you! That’s why we started this space; to stop the procrastination, time wasting and money chasing. When you work in a collaborative environment you are in your element, ideas grow and you achieve the things you didn’t think were possible.


They say it takes a village…
If you’re a creative freelancer, entrepreneur, solopreneur, small team or down right cool person looking for your village in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, you’ve found it!
So, if you’re looking for a collaborative environment where the tunes are pumping, the coffee is flowing and the vibe is a good time, come check us out and hang out with the Common Co Legends today.


Change the way you think about co-working; connect, collaborate and create at Common Collective.

who is common collective

Common Collective offers numerous packages to suit today’s self employed and small business needs. From single person dedicated desks to small team packages, we have the capacity for you to call Common Collective home!



Pricing packages depend on your individual and business needs. To find out availability, pricing and to apply for a desk, please contact us on the email address above or via the contact form.